3 Reasons to use TEKLA for Structural Steel Detailing

structural steel detailing

Structural steel detailing is the most important aspect when it comes to sturdy building structures. Construction project’s design, structural analysis, structural steel detailing and accurate implementation assure no cracks, deflections and hold the building together. So, structural steel detailing is essential for strengthening building structures.


Structural steel detailing takes place when a contractor is assigned to the project, and it is worked upon by detailer thoroughly working confine on 2D drawings. This process delays the construction schedules. So, to deal with this kind of situation use advanced tools like Tekla to create develop steel fabrication drawings. When one starts detailing after receiving drawings from a structural designer, it becomes easier to coordinate steel with the structure and improve quality of construction.


Tekla for structural steel detailing enhances the overall quality of steel structures. The 3D modeling allows the team to design and submit project fabrication package proficiently and cost-effectively. This approach helps you to break away from complex design concerns by leveraging benefits like 3D views and live schedules to check steel.


Project schedules will not delay


Tekla gives you an actual presentation of the underlying building structure’s every drawing sheet, 2D and 3D view and schedule. With the help of automatic sync, all the drawings and views are well managed and in sync. For example, if you change steel in the model then it will reflect on your fabrication drawing, cutting down on laborious manual updating work.


Cost under control


Cost under control is a major factor in any business. A high reward at affordable share is a hidden motto for progress. With the help of Tekla model work out alternatives that can fit into your requirement in the least cost. Tekla also helps in the estimation of steel with automated generation of bill-of-materials, which helps in saving labour and material cost.


Now no more site troubles


A model-based projection incorporated with fabrication drawings means no issue of scheduling or redrawing. One can have an inspection of this steel model from any angle and monitor it on site with help of TeklaBIMsight model viewer for better understanding. One can place fabricated parts in Tekla model and he/she can edit and modify it.


Steel Shop Drawings created with Tekla offers you enhanced and improved construction documentation. Understanding the constructability at an initial stage of any project enhances the cost and schedule of that particular project.


Steel Shop Drawings generated using Tekla offers you enhanced and improved construction documentation. The best come yet. It influences the implementation of construction and one can explore various options before starting the project. Structural Steel Detailing with Tekla gives you the power to have more realistic simulations and better control over the project.