Outsource AutoCAD Drafting provides a wide range of structural modeling solutions that include 3D structural modeling services. Our 3D specialists accurately capture each and every detail of the drawings into a three-dimensional format fulfilling all your specifications. We can create 3D structural model for all types of structures like steel, wood or concrete.

Outsource AutoCAD Drafting provides the 3D structural modeling services in the following areas:

  • Industrial structures
  • Commercial building design
  • Residential building design
  • Manufacturing units
  • Hospital buildings
  • Power plants and refineries
  • Various types of Mills and belt conveyor systems
  • Chemical plants and cement processing units
  • Bunkers and chimneys and silos

We also offer 3D Structural modeling services in some special areas like:

  • Tunnels and Bunkers
  • Retaining walls
  • Bridges and tanks
  • Swimming pools
  • Modular structures
  • Educational institutions and universities
  • Waste water treatment and water supply plant with elevated reservoirs

Outsource AutoCAD Drafting offers structural 3D modeling services that will help expand the imaginative capacity of the audience. Our dedicated team of engineers visualizes your ideas in 3D models with the help of 3D CAD software that will make the clients able to cut down on manufacturing and development cost. If you want to complete your construction work with maximum accuracy, then contact Outsource AutoCAD Drafting for 3D modeling service.

Our important 3D structural modeling services include:

  • Steel detailing
  • Structural shop drawings
  • Tekla steel detailing
  • Architectural drawings
  • Building drawings
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Construction drawings
  • Cabinet shop drawings
  • Steel shop drawings
  • Coordination drawings
  • Concrete structural drawings
  • Building structural drawings

Why Outsource AutoCAD Drafting for 3D modeling service

Structural 3D modeling is a significant area of structural and civil engineering industry. Before starting the construction of any building, you should have to keep some important things such as location, loads and stress in your mind. 3D modeling services help you check the structure of your building completely on the computer from different angles. It will allow you making necessary changes when required.

We at Outsource AutoCAD Drafting develop perfect structural 3D model that gives thorough information in digital formats. Our aim is to give clear solutions to the requirements of the clients by developing close relationship with them. So, we consider each project as a challenge and try to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients.

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