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Advantages of outsourcing CAD Conversion Services

Cad Conversion

India has won the trust of various clients across the world in the field of IT outsourcing by delivering best and qualitative services for different industries. With time, India has also made its mark as an engineering hub and engineering service outsourcing is on a boom. Current scenario shows that engineering service outsourcing (ESO) market has huge potential to grow.


Over the year, ESO market has evolved very fast and covers new product development, engineering consulting and value-based engineering services. This ESO market can be divided into two parts;


1. Conventional verticals like semiconductors, telecom, heavy machinery, electronics, construction, automotive and aerospace.


2. Promising verticals like medical devices, industrial automation, infrastructure, energy and computing systems.


Future of ESO market

The ESO market has grown beyond research and development and basic product design. Now, it offers processes from conceptualization to product development and validation. By 2020, the global engineering services outsourcing market is expected to touch USD 415.74 billion and according to NASSCOM, it has been estimated that India will capture 35-40% share of the global market by 2020.


There are end numbers of mechanical engineering services which can be chosen for outsourcing are CAD conversion services, 3D modeling and rendering services, mechanical 3D product animation, etc. and the most demanding service among all the above is CAD conversion services.


What is CAD Conversion or CAD Digitization?

CAD Conversion or CAD Digitization is one of the preferred services as it converts all the drawings into digital format and also it simplifies maintaining a variety of blueprints and drawings and one can convert drawings from one version of CAD to another. CAD Digitization process is useful for civil drawings, mechanical drawings, electrical drawings and architectural drawings.


CAD conversion services consist of Raster to vector conversion, AutoCAD conversion, Micro Station Conversion, DWG to DGN, JPG to DWG Conversion, MCD, PDF to DWG conversion, etc.


Advantages of CAD conversion services:

Following are some of the advantages of CAD conversion services;


  • CAD conversion services can easily maintain and retrieve CAD files
  • It splits textual part and creates its own layer. So, the intact dimensions are shown as a separate layer
  • With CAD digitization we can have separate layers for dimensions, body, text, hidden lines, and centerlines
  • The final file is in DXF, DGN or DWG format which can be edited later on
  • CAD files can be easy edited as compared to drawings in hardcopy
  • In comparison with hand-made drawings, CAD files take less time and are more cost-effective
  • CAD files can be stored for a long time and data storage space requirement is also less
  • Fewer expenses and training time
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast results
  • Savings on investments in software and tools

Outsourcing of CAD conversion services and its Advantages

  • Fewer expenses and training time
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast results
  • Savings on investments in software and tools

Selecting CAD Conversion Outsource

In India, a client has plenty of choice for selecting CAD conversion services. So, before assigning job it is important to keep in mind what kind of conversion you are willing. To save money, time and hard-work it is essential to select right CAD conversion services to outsource. The agency should have experience for CAD outsourcing, handled these kinds of projects, proven track record and it should be reliable. The agency has an expert, experience and sufficient manpower to handle given task with capabilities to deliver quality work on time.