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Evaluating Your AutoCAD Drafting Partner

AutoCAD Drafting

There is no doubt about AutoCAD drafting efficiency and productivity because certainly it is faster and highly than manual drafting. But after investment of time and money are you getting the most of computerized version of drafting? Are aware that how to find it out? How can I pose these questions given all the advances in AutoCAD over the years, and given the acquired prowess of AutoCAD drafters and their managers? Always, there is a room for improvement, but it is not always evident in the AutoCAD world where those improvements can be found.

Following are some of the examples for pursing efficiency through AutoCAD drafting services:


Do the drafters refer to excel spreadsheet data to craft drawings? Have you ever desired you could embed critical drawing information in an Excel spreadsheet from not just one drawing, but from hundreds of drawings?


Do the drafters refer to digital files of other programs in order to craft drawings? Do the drafters read a printout of digital information and manually enter the data to their CAD drawings?


Do the drawing files end up being inconsistent over time with your CAD standards? Do you wish that you could batch process drawings to check for those inconsistencies and automatically correct them?


Do you come across a situation where hundreds of drawings require a specific change applied to every drawing?


Do the drafters find themselves doing mundane, repetitive and error-prone tasks?


Do any of drafters use a hand-held calculator as part of their drafting requirement?


Do you know all of the above situations can be tackled automatically?


Most CAD drafters and their managers may not be aware that these tasks can be automated. An experienced programmer can identify these shortcomings and unused potentials in the AutoCAD drafting application and automate them.


AutoCAD has various programming environments inserted in each copy of the software. Programmers use different tools to reshape AutoCAD to a company’s drafting requirements, which also help to speed up the AutoCAD drafting process. Also, modification and customization of drafting environment can make any drafter more efficient and productive.


A smart AutoCAD programmer improves the work environment by empowering the software to take some of the extra work out of the process and potentially remove errors. Also, the programmer automates tedious tasks and eliminates extra keystrokes.


Recently, a programmer developed a program for a client that was fully automated rather than opting for a time-consuming manual and error-prone process. The client would use a calculator to perform functions based upon the geometry found in their drawings and then create a corresponding table of dimensions in an Excel spreadsheet. After completion of the program, the programmer asked the client if the automation would be helpful and client’s response was “huge”.


Big engineering firms of oil and gas sector are much aware about their AutoCAD drafting efficiencies and they also have expert programming team to implement any productivity strategies. Whereas small to mid-size firms cannot afford to have this kind of skill set on staff, but they can access this expertise on a contract, part-time or as-needed basis.


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