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HVAC Load Calculation

HVAC design is achieving popularity in the different segments of the industry nowadays. Outsource AutoCAD Drafting is a renowned name for providing Efficient and cost effective HVAC design services to various types of clients in the industry. We are always strict to follow the rules for HVAC designing services according to the standard set in the industry. We, with the help of our expert professional team can provide effective as well as high quality HVAC load calculations for heating and cooling to builders, construction firms, real estate developers, individual home owners, manual HVAC equipment selection etc.

Factors considered in HVAC load calculations

Only a square footage of a structure is not enough to make a correct load calculation. Each home or building has individual features that affect the heating and cooling needs of the building. Therefore, it depends on several factors like overall design of the structure, construction, level of insulation and orientation to the sun.
The common factors that are considered in the HVAC calculation are the following:

  • Climate zone
  • Home size
  • Directional orientation
  • Envelop of the home
  • Window size
  • U-value of windows
  • Window overhang
  • Wall structure
  • Floor type
  • Ceiling type
  • Number, type of doors
  • Number, condition of glass doors
  • Ductwork conditions
  • Insulation

There are some additional factors that affect the HVAC load calculation such as:

  • Desired indoor density
  • Desired indoor temperature
  • Number of people living in the home

Importance of HVAC load calculation

The Correct HVAC load calculation can help you decide the exact size of your new heating or cooling system in order to keep your home comfortable. Our HVAC calculation service helps you ensure that you don’t have to send a penny more than necessary and makes you able to save on energy bills. It also gives your guarantee that your new system will provide optimal level of comfort for many years to come. If you buy a system without conducting proper HVAC load calculation, it won’t work properly and won’t last longer. Improper HVAC load calculation may end up you with a wrong system that makes your home uncomfortable to live in.

You can contact Outsource AutoCAD Drafting with no doubt for a better and efficient HVAC load calculation service at an affordable rate.

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