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Significance of 3D Modeling Services in AEC Industry

3D Modeling Services

3D modeling services are like putting together multiple 2D drawings and it has changed the way project designs are presented. It has also changed our vision of projects and how we display its information.
By adding details and depth to your 2D drawing one cannot show his/her vision to the client. For example, consider the article picture, if he/she is not well aware of the industry then can he/she tell the difference between handrail and piping if it was printed in 2D monochrome?
The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” can be multiplied when an image can move, rotate, manipulate and colour. 3D modeling services can give a stunning shot picture of a design. It is more practical, faster and easier than 2D modeling. One can also place a project in other 3D models for more clarity on clearances, address access and egress, and even visualize sight lines. Spot changes can be made to determine its viability.
The experience of ‘walk-trough’ model is much more satisfying and chances of project approval rate goes much higher. A 3D design is easy to understand and it shows dimensions in 3D space of objects and its relationships. This helps the client to visualize space, movement, access and other important factors of a design.
3D models can also be used to generate 2D drawings, which is cost-effective when it comes to change in design. Making a change in a 3D model is comparatively less expensive and the 2D drawings can be reproduced. Also, existing models can quickly modify for other projects. So, 3D modeling services are in much more demand with time.