Structural Shop Drawings

Shop drawings that provide extremely significant information about measures and specifications of pre-fabricated components is very helpful for contractors, real estate developers and engineers to get maximum benefits in their business. Shop drawings become an unavoidable part of every building construction project, as it helps to predict how the structure of the building is going to perform at the early phase of design.

Our structural shop drawing services

Outsource AutoCAD Drafting offer efficient structural shop drawing services for a wide range of components such as elevators, structural steel components, trusses, windows, pre-cast components, cabinets, appliances, millwork and air handling units. We can also offer installation and coordination of shop drawings for piping, sheet metal ductwork, plumbing, electrical and fire protection. The main structural shop drawing services provided by Outsource AutoCAD Drafting include:

  • Steel shop drawings
  • Woodwork shop drawings
  • Sheet metal shop drawings
  • Columns shop drawings
  • CAD shop drawings
  • Shop drawing approval stamp
  • Casework shop drawings
  • Metal stair shop drawing
  • Ladder shop drawing
  • Rendered floor plans in furnished style
  • Rendered floor plans in black and white block style
  • Rendered floor plans in plain colours
  • Windows and appliances
  • Air handling units and millwork
  • Blueprints converted into digital shop plan designs
  • Sketches converted into digital shop in plan designs

Benefits of choosing Outsource AutoCAD Drafting for structural shop drawing

We at Outsource AutoCAD Drafting ensure preparation of precise and error-free shop drawings with the help of our highly skilled, long experienced and properly trained engineers. Continue reading here to know why you should outsource us for structural shop drawing services.

  • By outsourcing us, you can save costs on recruitment and training.
  • While we do shop drawing services for you, you can concentrate more on business.
  • We ensure improved speed and service.
  • It helps you minimise overhead and operative costs.
  • You can save expenses on using internet as a global communication medium.
  • You can reduce office expenses for space, electricity and furniture.
  • Project investments such as hardware and software will also be minimised.

The information provided by the structural shop drawings helps the builders and architects use the best construction technique to get the best possible result. The engineers and architects depend on shop drawings, as it allows them to avoid drastic changes and future conflicts in the construction.

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