The Building Information Modeling services of Outsource AutoCAD Drafting offers homebuilders an opportunity to coordinate all the construction and design efforts from a single 3D computer model. Creation of a geometrically accurate BIM modeling services helps the homebuilders and trades to make important decisions regarding the design of the home at the earliest stage and solve the issues before they become costly.

Our BIM modeling services

Besides presenting just a visual representation of your building, Outsource AutoCAD Drafting can provide you accurate information regarding the materials and products going into the building with the help of our well effective BIM modeling service. The following are our important BIM modeling services.

  • Structural integration
  • Cost estimation
  • Clash detection
  • Risk mitigation
  • MEP integration
  • Architectural integration
  • Design changes integration
  • Building design simulation and analysis

Advantages of our BIM modeling services

  • With BIM services, you can build the entire building before it is constructed in the field. It helps you find out and solve the problems in the design and engineering field at the earlier stage. So you can save your valuable time and precious money.
  • We use exclusive technology to build BIM 3D models with several options and elevations. With the advances in technology, we can make a master 3D model within a short period of time and produce full construction documents. In short, BIM is a viable option for production homebuilders.
  • As one 3D BIM model can perform all the design functions, Outsource AutoCAD Drafting can reduce the time for overall design and thereby save overall cycle time and design costs.
  • Our BIM 3D models can be used for marketing and sales purposes in forms of brochures, presentations, CDs, etc. It helps potential customers to get a clear picture of the building even before it is built.
  • As we create the BIM 3D models using the right software, we can adjust and keep up with consumer requirements and changing code easily.

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