Autodesks Revit software package that is especially aimed at providing highly targeted solutions for all industries such as mechanical, electrical and plumbing is called Revit MEP. The services that are widely used for BIM modeling in the field of mechanical, electrical and plumbing, collectively known as MEP, is MEP BIM services. With Revit MEP services, the engineers can design internal systems of a building in a BIM format including electrical cabling, pipe runs and ductwork.

MEP BIM services of Outsource AutoCAD Drafting

Our MEP BIM services with a comprehensive approach towards the big and complicated problems of MEP sort things, in an alleviated manner and make the entire procedure simple and convenient. We at Outsource AutoCAD Drafting use MEP BIM services for the following types of modeling.

  • 3D MEP modeling that is used for a refitted or refurbished office premises. In this, some new structural additions and existing and extensive new MEP services are incorporated with the existing superstructure.
  • MEP CAD modeling that ensures a clash-free structural draft.
  • MEP modeling for entirely new construction such as office premises, sophisticated hospitals (with medical gases, pneumatic tubing, concrete slabs and other essential elements) and huge casinos, university complexes etc.
  • Spatially coordinated MEP model for a large leisure complex.

Benefits of outsourcing us for MEP BIM services

  • We improve stability when the ducts are being routed. The run is finished with an elbow or takeoff
  • We increase stability while the panel schedule is being dragged into a sheet
  • We boost the regeneration time of ducts
  • It enhances the performance when adding an air terminal to a system
  • Our MEP BIM services help to retain pipe and fitting connections when piping is moved to another level
  • It maintains the type parameter values for panels is done
  • It helps to retain the system time when copying elements from one project to another

Using Revit MEP services helps minimise the errors and coordination flaws as well as propagate information in a much more efficient manner.

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