2D drafting, with easy visualization, greater detailing, less time consumption and minimized costs becomes the most preferred method to convert ideas and design from dreams to reality. Here, at Outsource AutoCAD we provide drafting services in architectural drafting for all types of customers including builders, architects, engineers etc and ensure that you have the scope to put in all your creativity within the required time and budget.

We not only ensure high quality output for our customers to ease up the workload but also make sure that your project stands out in terms of technology and visualization. Taking the help of experts we produce error free drawing based on nature of your work. We have architectural detailing and drafting services with us for our customers that are accompanied with major level of expertise.

The major architectural drafting services provided by Outsource AutoCAD Drafting are the following.

  • Construction documentation
  • Architecture detailing
  • Architectural drawings
  • Structural shop drawings
  • PDF to CAD conversion
  • Intelligent drafting
  • Landscape drawings
  • Construction drawings

Why Should you Outsource Architectural drafting services?

Our experienced team of draft men and engineers with the aim of delivering quality work in a fixed time collaborates with the clients while ensuring their engagement at every stage of the project to deliver the desired results. The specialties of our architectural drafting services are as following.

Architectural drawing and design services

We extend high-quality architectural drawing, design and drafting services at various stages of any project which includes tender, planning, facility management and construction. Our experts understand the project requirements and then convert the paper drawings, sketches and survey notes to well defined architectural plan.

We make sure that we use AutoCAD and Revit techniques with utmost efficiency so that the effectiveness and speed of the design are ensured.

Architectural Drafting Services

We guarantee drafting accompanied with high attention to the details in case of all the architectural, interior or urban designs with the help of latest technology and standard layering. Based on the scans and sketches we provide the detailed output as per the required format.

We also offer the following services

CAD conversion

We ensure to provide you with support in regards to CAD conversion from PDF into the paper drawings. We perform document conversion, drafting conversion, raster to vector conversion as well as file conversion.

Editing CAD

We render CAD files edited using markups and also we do correction of various CAD standards.

CAD documentation Services

We help you in preparing the files for the approval, based on your specifications. We also work as the extension of your team and help you with design documentation, with details of the drawings as per RIBA or AIA standards.

Our efficient and experienced professionals have an expertise in accomplishing various projects for residential, healthcare, commercial, industrial areas by creating architectural drawings as per the requirement of the clients. The experts based on cliental instruction convert various complex drawing, hand sketches and survey notes into a well defined architectural plan.

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