While the conventional method requires many man-hours to produce construction documents, the computer aided architectural 3D modeling services can save precious time and money along with satisfying the needs of the customers. Construction documentation that is prepared with the help of computer Aided Design is an essential thing for all modern construction and building projects nowadays. The documentation that contains the details like plans, elevations, working drawings, sections and bill of materials etc. can play crucial role in architecture and function as well as cost estimation and marketing of the final product.

We at Outsource Autocad drafting offer intelligent 3D modeling services that incorporates all the 2D data, drawings, materials and documents to help the architectural designer create required drawings, plans, elevations, estimates and material details. The ability to apply various changes to the 3D model and check the impact and output of these changes will result in better design and effective material utilization.

  • Remodeling of home and kitchen
  • Product modeling
  • Sketchup 3D modeling
  • Low poly modeling
  • 3D interior and exterior modeling
  • 3D photo montages
  • 3D medical illustration
  • 3D furniture modeling
  • 3D industrial modeling
  • 3D architectural product modeling

We provide 3D exterior modeling service, which includes creating 3D exterior models for the building exterior, to the following industries:






Our 3D interior modeling services aim to make the inner look of your building impressive and effective. The accuracy and speed of 3D modeling specialists help develop the following interior areas:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Living room
  • Bed room
  • Business room
  • Conference room
  • Furniture

Advantages of 3D Modeling Services

The process of creating 3D objects or 3D models with various 3D representations is called 3D modeling. In architectural 3D modeling services, the core concept of 3D modeling is used to create 3D models of building structures and architectures.

Some major benefits of architectural 3D modeling include:

  • Improved visualization for all types of buildings
  • Better insight to interior surface patters like bathrooms, kitchen or office
  • Identify and minimize the possible errors in the drawing process
  • Enhanced coordination among engineers, contractors and architects
  • Minimum use of materials
  • Lower project expenditure

Outsource Autocad drafting helps their customers with their professional 3D modeling services, offering ready to use infrastructure and advance techniques.

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