In a 2014 McGraw Hill Construction BIM study, 75% of contractors globally reported a positive ROI.

BIM Modeling Services

BIM Modeling Services

Outsource AutoCAD Drafting can provide you accurate information regarding the materials and products going into the building with the help of our well effective BIM modeling service.

Revit BIM Services

Revit BIM Services

OAD assists its client by providing support under various sections like architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and MEP coordination for construction models.

BIM Coordination services

BIM Coordination

BIM coordination services involve producing constructability reviews and clash detection reports with virtual and personal coordination meetings with construction managers, BIM consultants, architects, and contractors.

Clash Detection Services

Clash Detection Services

With our clash detection services we assist our clients in reporting clashes between any specified systems selectively between structural, electrical, mechanical or plumbing.

BIM 4d scheduling

BIM 4D Scheduling

BIM 4D scheduling services are the most efficient planning environment to use the power of construction 4D simulation and visualization. OAD allows you to carry out design & construction in a simultaneous phase

Revit family creation services

Revit Family Creation

Our Revit family creation services encompass various services including structure family creation, architecture family creation, MEP family creation etc. Our BIM family creation services help the clients

CAD Drafting services

Architectural BIM Services

Revit architecture services make you able to preview your future home or building in 3D BIM modeling. It offers an accurate estimation of quantities of materials and cost.

architectural drafting services

Structural BIM Services

Our Revit structural services help the engineers improve the structural analytical model and support structural fortification. We improve collaboration between structural members

CAD drafting services

MEP BIM Services

With Revit MEP services, the engineers can design internal systems of a building in a BIM format including electrical cabling, pipe runs and ductwork. MEP BIM modeling ensures a clash-free structural draft.