Best practices for 2D to 3D CAD Conversion Services

2d to 3d cad conversion

2D drawing of a product provides a range of information on cross-section and dimension which are useful in manufacturing of its part, whereas 3D CAD drawing allows various separate parts to be assembled and provides an in-depth understanding of a multifaceted geometric design. In 3D design, one can easily imagine and understands the end product’s final outcome.


“Suppose you are designing a cycle in 2D design, this may not enlighten you with precise details of the designed cycle balance. In the 3D model you can easily understand design strength and balance, and on the requirement, one can improve it.”


Generally, CAD software is used for converting 2D to 3D enabling to have an automated process of generating the outcome. Accuracy is the essential factor when it comes to 2D to 3D conversion services though it has many challenges.


Any 2D design is incomplete without representation. The transformation of 2D to 3D drawings in CAD software is going on, other than relevant data few portions are extruded. Following steps are for conversion;


    • Creating elementary geometry (top view)
    • Identifying anticipated geometry (side and top view)
    • Aligning the above mentioned first two steps (all the geometric views)
    • Extrusion


When conversion takes place one need to keep in mind that it should be smooth which maintains the required geometry, magnitudes and covers. During this process, any kinds of extrusion can be exaggerated by the alignment. In other terms, an accurate conversion process enables the easier extrusion.


The present market shows that various designing giants promote CAD tools to achieve the adaptation and there are various visual snarled which may give rise to an unnecessary matter in the designing process. Expert CAD services are important at each step in obtaining 2D to 3D CAD conversion services.


So, it is essential to hire a professional CAD conversion service provider who is experienced, expert and delivers accurate results within the time frame.


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