Fabrication Drawing Services

Fabrication drawing is a design vertical to allow enhanced predictability, finer design quality and superior precision in structural fabrication drawings. Outsource AutoCAD Drafting can provide a comprehensive range of metal fabrication drawings for different structures such as residential, industrial and commercial as well as for some special structures like bunkers, tanks, bridges, tunnels and monuments. Our dedicated team of professionals can constantly strive to showcase the product in all its glory by creating custom-made designs for various kinds of clients including structural engineers, structural design fabricators and joist manufactures.

Fabrication drawing services provided by Outsource AutoCAD Drafting

The clients get value added benefits for constructions of building structures and machines from various raw materials with our fabrication drawing services. The main fabrication drawing services provided by us at Outsource AutoCAD Drafting includes the following:

  • Fabrication details
  • Connection details- riveted, welded or bolted for ordinary moment resisting or special moment resisting frames
  • Steel fabrication drawings
  • Metal fabrication drawings
  • Column connection to foundation with base plate details
  • Steel member detail drawings for beams, columns and bracings with location of bolt holes and connecting members
  • Mechanical parts detail
  • Field and shop bolt summary
  • Mechanical drilling hole details
  • Drilling details for plated and non-plated holes
  • Steel trusses member and connection details
  • Mechanical components fabrication drawings
  • Mechanical equipment layouts and product installation drawings
  • Mechanical schematics, sections and detailing
  • Casting, welding, machining and assembly drawings for machine shops
  • Generation of bill of material

Advantages of outsourcing us for fabrication drawing services

We at Outsource AutoCAD Drafting ensure use of latest technology, highly effective software as well as error-proof quality control systems in order to provide quality drawings within the time specified by the clients. No matter, how large or complex the project is, our skilled team of professionals are familiar with fabrication terms and shop fabrication drawings. The clients get benefits in many ways by choosing Outsource AutoCAD Drafting for fabrication drawing services.

  • We ensure increased security
  • We offer enhanced productivity
  • The clients can expect precision in fine details
  • We provide more flexibility
  • Our services is economical to the clients
  • We deliver fabrication drawing services within quick timelines

The latest technological advances in steel fabrication drawings provided by our company the design requirements of our clients successfully.

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