Revit Structural Services

Outsource AutoCAD Drafting provides most advanced and spot solutions for Revit structural services. If you find out any ambiguity or error in the plan or design of your home or any other building,with no doubt, you can approach us. We can find out a quick way to solve your problem with the help of our efficient Revit structural services. Our highly skilled professional employees who have sound knowledge in this special domain can understand the special requirements of our clients thoroughly and provide exact Revit structural services.

The Revit models created by Outsource AutoCAD Drafting can be used for different aspects of building information modeling such as:

  • Sloped slab
  • Dimensional modifications
  • Building foundation changes
  • Concrete reinforcement

All of our Revit models and services are rendered in three dimensions and they include the following:

  • Project detail extractions
  • Construction documents
  • Collision location
  • Energy simulations
  • Detection of possible clashes in structure

Advantages of choosing Outsource AutoCAD for Revit structural services

We at Outsource AutoCAD Drafting offer high quality and cost effective Revit structural services exclusively for structural engineers providing structural design, engineering and analysis. Our Revit structural services help the engineers improve structural analytical model and support structural fortification. With the powerful Revit core features such as point cloud support and construction modeling, we develop models quickly and result in better construction models. The main advantages of Revit structural services provided by Outsource AutoCAD Drafting are the following.

  • We use advanced modeling technology to create structures with accuracy and speed.
  • We produce drawings and reports required by engineers and steel work fabricators automatically.
  • We improve collaboration between structural engineers and extended project team members like architects, MEP engineers and owners.
  • We ensure control over visibility and graphics
  • We enhance reinforce to visualise and define concrete fortification in Revit structure
  • We use advanced parametric tools to detail steel work connections effortlessly
  • Our Revit structural service can reduce errors up to a level

If you want a top quality quick turn-around and cost effective Revit structural services, feel free to contact Outsource AutoCAD Drafting.

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